Dear, practitioner. Wherever you are right now.

I reach out to you to invite you to join my project The Inner Labyrinth Podcast, a podcast on trauma, healing and hope. This podcast show will be addressing the process of healing with all its riddles, encoded messages, unexpected turns, beautiful ascends to the highs of existence and its somewhat quite scary and panicky descent into the unknown of our own mystery. What is healing? The ones that have known healing through their bodies, have incorporated their experiences and came back from hollowness of dissociation, understand that one can not simply skip any parts of its spiral nature. There is phrase I so often hear being used today: “Healing is a journey, not a destination”. And it is so true.  As practitioners, we know healing can be (and usually is) quite a messy affair  and definitely a non-linear one. It has many forms and this can be confusing.

Now, let me put aside my poetic description skills and get to the point of this invitation. In this podcast I will interview ordinary people (whatever the word *ordinary* means  – but they will be people who are not practitioners or therapists) who have experienced a form of healing they want to talk about. Stories of healing from sexual abuse are especially welcomed on the show. You can read in detail the invitation for ordinary guests in detail here. It will give you a good orientation about what I am looking for.

This invitation to you is a bit different than the usual participant in the podcast. You have experience facilitating processes of pain and discomfort and you might also have developed unique skills to help the ones you work with, among other things to ground, endure adversity and be present in their bodies. You have also witnessed people go through confusing for them states and maybe you have thoughts on how this apply to all of us human beings when we chose to step firmly on the healing path.

I plan to have episodes where I talk to/interview practitioners about their work with people who engage in their own healing process. How does this happen? What are the important details a good practitioner notice in their client? How one builds a safe space and creates a set and setting that fosters healing? How is a practitioner present when a strong emotions in the client are on the rise? How do you hold your ground as a healer/therapist/practitioner? Which healing modalities you notice have helped your clients experience healing?  Questions like this and many more … let’s be curious and unfold our knowledge and wisdom so it can touch and move others.

I consider that giving practitioners space to talk about their reflections (inside their frame of expertise) is a way to build a community of openness, transparency and inclusion. In my opinion this is very much needed today. Openness is the gate of infinite knowledge.

Through your role as practitioner you have most probably also acquired competence regarding the dangers and pitfalls of therapeutic work with deep trauma. I would love to hear about those. How we, practitioners,  as individuals with our own psyche relate to the wounded psyche of the ones we endeavor to help? In which way are we urged to look in our shadowy corners in order to be fully present and give authentic support?

I am interested to talk to practitioners who have skills in one or several therapeutic modalities (all therapeutic modalities are welcome) and witness (or have witnessed) healing in their clients. I am very curious and open to have on the show practitioners who work with modalities that are still in a research phase as medicines, but have already shown huge potential in the processing of trauma – such as psychedelics. Breath-work practitioners as well as sound, music, art and bodywork therapists are very welcome.

Maybe you, yourself, have experiences with some particular healing modality that gave you relief from a chronic pain or discomfort? Maybe these experiences you had, called you on the path of the wounded healer and set you on a mission for a common good? I would like to give you space to share this if you feel it is the right thing for you.

NB: Word of caution:

This program/podcast will not be a place for advocating for one or another form of healing modality. There are many shows that explain what psychedelics are and what the resent research on them is. In this program we will be unraveling the process of healing itself and I need practitioners that are willing to talk on the more emotional/embodied work that healing requires.

Working language: English

Forms for interview: face-to-face and/or digital

If you feel you can be (and most of all you want to be) a part of this program, please feel free to contact me at: 

Sincerely yours,