The Inner Labyrinth  has a deeper purpose as a company to mediate and create a safe space for people who are willing to engage in their own healing. It was born out of a dream to serve the common good by helping individuals and groups become aware of the healing potential that lies dormant in their bodies.

Martin has experienced his share of personal distresses during his life, that left their mark on his mind and body. The tools of conventional talk therapies  he had been trained in were inadequate to address the root cause of his suffering and left him with no answers. That lead him to re-invent his relationship to healing that keeps him on a continuous journey towards knowledge and wisdom.

From individual and group Gestalt therapy, through mind-body therapy and nature retreats healing, to ancient ceremonies in the jungles of South America – Martin faced his pain and himself head on and explored every healing modality he could find. Now, through the services offered by The Inner Labyrinth, Martin is facilitating those lessons back into the world.

Martin’s approach to therapy is an offering for those longing to return to balance and seeking to go beyond mere talk therapy. If you have the determination to heal and are called to do the deep work – your journey begins right where you are.

Education & Certifications:

  • Master of Arts in International Social Welfare and Health Policy, Oslo Metropolitan University

  • Master of Arts in Clinical Social Work, New Bulgarian University

  • Somatic Experiencing Practitioner SEP – Somatic Experiencing Insitute Norway

  • Sexology for professionals in the field of health services (post-diploma education), University of Agder, Norway