Every healing journey starts with healing of the heart. The inner world of every person is a mystical labyrinth and the human heart, with all its healing potential, resides in its very center.

Traumatic experiences cut us off from our heart and unresolved trauma creates a state of confusion and a sense of being lost in our own bodies.

Learn to orient in your inner labyrinth by rediscovering how mind and body are connected and by trusting the intelligence of your own nervous system. Heal old wounds and return to your self, others, and the world in the present moment.

Martin is the beating heart of The Inner Labyrinth. He is a counselor living and working in Oslo, Norway. Martin has practiced extensively for over a decade in the field of counseling with both individuals, family systems and groups.

His experience ranges from working in psychiatry, child welfare, crisis intervention, family counseling, and as of today to guiding survivors of sexual trauma on their healing journey.

Martin’s training includes theoretical and therapeutic modalities, such as psychodynamic, humanistic and transpersonal psychology, Jungian/analytical psychology, trauma informed care, Gestalt therapy and Somatic Experiencing®.

His work is also informed by his travel and study of indigenous healing practices in North and South America.

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I love it when I sense someone is driven primarily by his passion and not just profit. I saw this in Martin when I first met him at a nature retreat in 2017 and we discussed his creative project The Inner Labyrinth and the idea behind it. Martin has proven to me over time to deliver quality of service over quantity. I have experienced Martin as a gifted communicator with integrity and appreciation of detail regarding his work.

Jade 46, USA

I have contemplated the idea of going into therapy on several occasions during my life. Every time I chose not to go for it. I was too used to «fix» all things by myself, living in my bobble of self-sufficiency – or as I see it today I was rather afraid to fully open to another human being. The offer for initial session free of charge attracted my attention as there was not a single dime to lose if I felt it was not for me. I am glad I went for it. Martin seems to have this ability of making you feel seen and the way he explains things as one goes through the process is simply put one of a kind. I don’t need to mention that I continued after that initial session.

Robert 59, Norway

Martin virker som en politelig og stabil mann med tydelige grenser. Grenser har vært en stor utfordring for meg gjennom livet. Martin ser meg og jeg føler meg akseptert uansett hva jeg kommer med – og jeg kommer med en tung historie av selvforakt og smerte. Setter stor pris på at du er der.

Håvard 33, Norge

Jeg føler meg møtt og forstått. Hva mer kan en si en trenger? Setter stor pris.

Judith 50, Norge

Martin works with just few individuals in his practice and he is quite honest regarding his capacity or if he feels he is the right therapist for you. I appreciate this as it gives me a sense of Martin manages his time and resources wisely and knows what he goes in for. If he says he can work with you in the initial session, then that is exactly what he can. I would love to see more therapist and helpers being connected to their hearts as I feel Martin is connected to his. It feels deeply rewarding  working with him as I clear old patterns of projecting my pain into the world.

Dag Inge 45, Norway

Martin seems to be a person of knowledge and with a deep insight into the matters of the psyche and the heart and who has several projects going on simultaneously. I highly appreciate this now that I know him, but when I first met him his broad mind, openness and understanding seemed quite scary to me. I can openly say I was skeptical if Martin would have the focus I needed to see that someone has on me. As a survivor of child and sexual abuse I grew up feeling unsafe and scared pretty much all the time. I took a leap of faith and here I am. I cannot say enough to praise Martin’s work and his way of being as a person of trust for those who need one. I highly value Martin’s way to explain things and guide me into and through the most challenging aspects of myself.

Maiken 41, Norway

After years of struggling in every way possible, my body is now much calmer and my mind too. I get to be able to organize my thoughts and actions better and I am also able to navigate easier in my inner chaos that has been there from since I remember I exist.

Gratitude to Martin for his work and patience. I feel inspired.

Ramona 42, Norway

I met Martin online in November 2019 and have so far had several sessions. Working out the impact of trauma by the means of online sessions has several cons and biggest one is obvious – one is not in the same room with the therapist and this may not be a thing for everyone. I have chosen, however, to emphasize of the pros of this kind of work – I get to chose the therapist I feel strongest for and not be limited by geographical distance. I trust this journey more and more as Martin creates a sense of safety and of being accepted and tolerated for what and who I am.

Luis 38, Spain

Growing up without experiencing safety in my closest environment marked me with a deep sense of trusting nobody, not even myself. Looking for help along the way was a huge struggle as I, myself created walls so people won’t reach over to me. Meeting Martin, after a recommendation by a fellow colleague of mine, was of course colored  by my internal models of meeting the world and therefore characterized by skepticism and mistrust of both Martin and the work. After several months of being not able to choose, I finally decided to give it a chance and the ice slowly started to crack and melt as my trust to myself grew. Martin was there every step of the process. I appreciate the way Martin seems fully present when he meets me. By making me feel seen he supports me growing new wings. I am still on my journey towards health and there is a long way to go, but I have known support and that is what matter the most. My deepest gratitude.

Amber 32, Germany

Meeting Martin and experiencing his work opened new doors of perception into myself. I highly appreciate and admire his way of introducing me to new things and concepts. His capacity to focus on the small details during our work, while at the same time keeping an eye on the big picture, created a steady sense of trust in my own healing. Someone was there for me.

Savannah 43, Spain/Norway

I met Martin ten years ago. I’ve been a witness of his journey and I am proud to call him a friend. As a Medical Doctor I often thought I had all the answers but during what I can say has been the most difficult time of my life, Martin was there for me. He listened actively and guided me through my processes.  Martin helped me see beyond what I was going through. I can now say I survived a stage of my life I thought I wouldn’t and Martin continues, as it is a long process, to guide me through a path of healing. Words are not enough to express the profound gratitude I have for him.

Adlin Bacon MD 40, New York, USA

Jeg er selv profesjonell aktør i møte med voksne og barn. Siden Martin er den mest erfarne og kunnskapsrike terapeuten jeg kjenner til, var han den første jeg tok kontakt med når jeg selv opplevde krise.

Sheila 35, Norge